Numéro Berlin | Issue I — 2016

Christina Kruse gets melted into one of Asger Carlsen’s hallucinatory world of images… read more

  • Client Numéro
  • Photographer Asger Carlsen
  • Talent Christina Kruse
  • Stylist Simon Rasmussen
  • Hair Cameron Rains
  • Make-Up Deanna Melluso
  • Location New York
  • Year 2016
  • Service Full Service Production

For the first issue of Numéro Berlin, German supermodels were brought together with well established photographers just as with rising talents of fashion and arts photography. Carlsen, known for his bending and contorting of human bodies with the means of digital image processing, photographed Christina Kruse in New York together with Cameron Rains, Deanna Melluso and Simon Rasmussen.