Vogue Germany — Marc Cain x Eveline Hall - November 2018

Vogue Germany takes us around Paris with Eveline hall to her most sentimental locations... read more

  • Client Marc Cain, Vogue Germany
  • Year 2018
  • Director Juliane Taudt
  • Director of Photography Marco Lowes
  • Stylist Theresa Gross
  • Talent Eveline Hall
  • Hair & Make-Up Jana Kalgajeva
  • Production Production Paris, Selina Bitzer
  • Service Local Service Production

Dressed head to toe in Marc Cain, we discover more about the mysterious model, singer and dancer that is Eveline Hall. Filmed in her most meaningful Parisian places, such as the Lido where she was a showdancer, we learn how this city has had such an influence on her life. With a striking visual aesthetic to match the bold clothing by Cain, Hall explains the importance of grabbing life by the horns and appreciating all it has to offer. #MyMystery #MysteriousWomen. Watch the full film here.